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Benefits of CJS Labs Training:
Improved Efficiency: Our design experience, proven processes, and measurement expertise will make your development more efficient. This, in turn makes you more productive: You will spend less time testing and worrying and more time designing, creating, and inventing.
Increased Productivity: Learn how to optimize both your designs and test routines. Having a thorough understanding of the fundamentals, correct terminology, and proper techniques will also enable you to make more informed decisions and communicate more effectively with your customers and vendors as well as within your own organization.
More Successful Products: Significantly reduce risk in your product development process. Learn how to quickly identify and qualify appropriate solutions. Understand why certain failure modes are problematic, even if they are not obvious or audible.
Better Reliability: Be confident in the results you obtain, after learning how to quickly and accurately interpret data and test results. Know and understand which test method and stimulus is appropriate for your application with our assistance and training.
More Profitibility: Eliminate the need for expensive fixes and upgrades by getting it right the first time. Our expertise and the knowledge you gain from our training will reduce prototyping time and guesswork. You will also be able to more quickly and accurately analyze design flaws and manufacturing faults. The result will be dramatically reduced time to market.

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Electroacoustic Measurements - Course Outline

Loudspeaker Design - Course Outline

Simulated Free Field Measurements - Course Outline

Microphone Electroacoustics - Course Outline

Speech Intelligibility - Course Outline

Hilbert Transform - Course Outline

Electroacoustic Measurements of Headphones & Headsets - Course Outline