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·      Problem identification, analysis and solution for R&D and QC/QA

·      Specification, design and evaluation of products and devices

·      Evaluation of systems, processes, test methods and calibration  procedures

·      Development of customized applications and test procedures

·      Standardized tests per ANSI, IEC, ITU, IEEE/TIA or other standards/methods

·      Expert Witness

·      Patent and Intellectual Property Evaluation

·      Management Consulting

        ·      Technology and Market Strategy

        ·      Business and Organizational Development and Processes

        ·      Strategic Alliances and Acquisitions

·      Project Management

·      Technical Writing/Editing

·      Technical support on-site or via telephone/Email



·      Product Design

·      Electroacoustics and Audio component/subsystem specification and design

·      Algorithm & User Interface design, development and evaluation

·      Test Automation Programming Assistance

·      MatlabTM Coding

·      Measurement System Integration 

·      Design & Evaluation  of  listening rooms,  concert halls,  recording  and  broadcast studios

·      Sound Reinforcement and Audio/Visual System design



Standard Solutions

BS-01 Battery Simulator

zfit.m - Complex Impedance Fitting Program

Free Field Point Source - PRELIMINARY DATA SHEET





Basic and Advanced seminars:
- Electroacoustics and Transducers
- Acoustics
- Telephonometry
- Hearing & Psychoacoustics
- Signal Processing
- Instrumentation, Measurement Techniques and Standards
- Special Topics
Group or individual instruction